Damascus Rose


The hydrosol of  Damascus Rose , is a natural 

hydrating face toner with the fresh scent of a real damask rose.  It soothes redness and rosacea, tones and moisturizes dry skin, soothes allergies and skin irritations, and relieves itchy eczema.

 Rosehip oil naturally contains transretinoic acid and vitamin A, giving it exceptional therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Not only is it nourishing with a fast absorption rate, but it is also high in antioxidant, and regenerative properties.  Daily use of rose hip oil can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, eczema, wrinkles and fine lines. 

A great way to repair summer damaged skin and prep for the change into Autumn. 

Beauty has never felt so Zen


Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Help lower the appearance of cellulite by adding to your massage our anti-cellulite treatment. With the use of silicone suction cups and authentic essential oils such as  Atlas Cedar, Lemon Eucalyptus and Niaouli, we can help stimulate your circulatory and  lymphatic system. This will help your body eliminate the toxins stored in between your tissues and your accumulated fat deposits that cause cellulite. 

Massage on the Go


I invite you to experience Zen at home with my services on the go. For WOMEN only and in the Laval area.

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"Isabelle was knowledgeable and proficient in acupressure and related techniques which I really appreciate and respond well to. She also provided excellent relaxation massage...."

"Les connaissances en réflexologie du pied d'Isabelle ont été fort bénéfiques pour enlever de l'enflure à mon pied et rétablir de l'aisance mécanique avec ma démarche après 7 semaines de mobilité réduite. Merci beaucoup!" 

 “Isabelle was wonderful, professional, and treated what I really needed. I will definitely be booking with her again. She was excellent. Thank you Isabelle!”